Impostor Jigsaw 2

Welcome to the world of Impostors Jigsaw 2! In this game you have 12 puzzles with pictures from Among Us. Assemble them by changing to place the pieces. To change drag parts up to another position. Completed a level, go to the next. In each level you have limited time for which need to complete it.

Impostor Hook
Impostor Jigsaw
Impostor Among Us Jigsaw
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Pixel Us Red and Blue 2
Catch The Impostor
We are Impostors Kill Together
Impostor Among Us Puzzle
Impostor Farm
Impostor Farm
Squid Game Impostor
Among Us : Jumping
Among Impostors
Impostor Station
Frozen 2 Jigsaw
Impostor Rescue Online
Among Us Match 3 Puzzle
Run ?mposter Run
Run Blue ?mposter Run
Jump Impostor Hurry Up
Impostor Adventure
Impostor Assassin
Impostor Football
Flappy Impostor
impostor Crab
Squid hero impostor
Disney Frozen 2 Jigsaw
Two ?mpostor Squid Challenge
Pixel Us Red and Blue
Squid impostor Golden Key
Among Us Bubble Shoot Puzzle
Impostor Among us

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